Get Ready For The 670-HP Electric Maserati Grecale

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The upcoming Porsche Macan EV may be gaining a worthy challenger.

Ahead of its imminent reveal, Maserati has shared several teasers of the upcoming Grecale SUV. First, we saw the Macan rival sliding about in the slow, as the Italian carmaker conducted cold-weather testing. Just recently, the Italian brand let the compact SUV loose on the streets of Modena, covered in graphics teasing information about the vehicle.

In a bid to claim a piece of the luxury car segment, electrification is an essential part of Maserati's future success. With rival brands already offering battery-powered alternatives, rumors suggest the Grecale will fight back with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, aided by an electric motor.

But now a recent report claims the luxury brand may go one step further, with the all-electric Grecale Folgore (Italian for lightning). As per Australian publication Drive, the Italian SUV could offer as much as 670 horsepower courtesy of dual electric motors.

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The uncovered report notes a battery-powered Grecale will be launched for the 2023 model year. With the conventional derivative preparing for its reveal next month, it's possible that the electric sibling may be a part of the unveiling. Information suggests the Folgore will utilize two electric motors on either axle, for a combined output of 670 hp. This would make the compact SUV the most powerful production Maserati ever produced, pipping the 580-hp Quattroporte Trofeo.

It would make sense for Maserati to produce an electric variant of the Grecale. After all, its fiercest rival Porsche has already said the current-generation Macan won't live for much longer, with an all-electric replacement already seen undergoing cold-weather testing and development. But it's not only the upcoming battery-powered Macan the Maserati will have to contend with. Already available (and selling phenomenally well) are the Tesla Model Y and Audi e-tron luxury SUVs - although the Macan and Grecale will undoubtedly be more dynamic.

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While the report lacks important details such as battery capacity and official figures, the highly-powered all-wheel-drive Folgore certainly won't be a slouch in the performance department. It's not the only model in the range that will see electrification applied. The upcoming GranTurismo luxury coupe will also be battery-powered, although a gas-powered variant will be offered alongside the electric model.

We applaud Maserati's determination, as it appears the struggling brand is on the edge of entering two highly popular markets (electrification and compact SUVs) with one product. We certainly hope it pays off for the company, as the Levante and Ghibli haven't been the sales success the brand had hoped for. While an electric Maserati is an exciting prospect, it's hard to imagine a high-performance offering from the brand without the gorgeous exhaust notes it's become famous for.

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Source Credits: Drive

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