Get Ready for the Four-Door Corvette


GM is staying true to its word by not only relaunching the Holden Commodore as the Chevy SS in the US, but that will also be a true high-performance sedan.

Many customers looking for a rear-drive performance sedan found what they were looking for in the Pontiac G8, but when GM shut down the brand, the sedan went with it. That left American buyers flocking to the Dodge Charger, but GM is getting back in the action with the upcoming new Chevrolet SS. Like the G8, the SS borrows its underpinnings from the Holden Commodore, a vehicle which GM continues to offer in Australia - and which also lent its platform to the Chevrolet Camaro.

The SS will serve as something of a halo car for Chevy, demonstrating its performance capabilities. But if you thought that role belonged to the Corvette, you're right. According to GM's North American president Mark Reuss, the SS will be positioned as something of a "four-door Corvette". Power will come from the new LT1 V8 which the SS will share with the upcoming Corvette C7, mated to a manual transmission. Despite its standing as a halo model, GM won't limited production of the Chevy SS, building and selling as many as customers demand. The General figures that will amount to about 10,000 to 15,000 units each year.

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