Get Ready For The McLaren P1 GTR To Premiere At Geneva

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Cutting weight means more track shenanigans.

McLaren has just made official what we've been suspecting: the P1 GTR will be unveiled at Geneva this March. If you thought the so-called standard P1 was quite something, then McLaren wants you to be even more blown away this time around. How so? The P1 GTR will boast a power-to-weight ratio increase in excess of 10 percent over the road-going model, translating to more than 690 horsepower per ton. The cockpit has also been stripped-out to not only shave weight but also to add greater driver focus without compromising on safety or comfort.

We also expect for there to be a new steering wheel featuring various driver controls and unique racing seats. Interestingly, the A/C system will remain in order to keep the driver comfortable while also kicking ass on the track.


We'll have plenty of additional details for you as we get closer to Geneva, but for now McLaren has released this teaser video and a crop of new photos of the P1 GTR prototype testing in Europe and in the extreme heat of Qatar.


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