Get Ready For The New BMW M2 To Arrive In Dealerships This November

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Bavaria's worst-kept secret will first have its reveal at Frankfurt in September.

BMW hasn't admitted it's working on an M2. We've already seen spy photos proving its existence a few times and it makes complete and total sense for such a future model to happen. And yet BMW continues to plead ignorance here. That's looking even more stupid now that a production M2 timeline tracker screenshot taken from a BMW dealer has been posted on enthusiast blog Bimmer Post. It supposedly claims that the production of the US-spec M2 coupe will begin this November.

The timing is spot on considering the Frankfurt Motor Show takes places only two months prior in September. Point being, the M2 will have its debut at that premiere German motor show. It's the ideal venue for BMW to show off its newest M car. We still don't know for sure what'll be under its hood, but previous speculation has hinted at a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six – just like in its predecessor, the 1 Series M Coupe. Look forward to seeing the M2 on the road in about a year from now.

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