Get Ready For The Porsche Cayman T

Sports Car

The T stands for Terrific, but also for Turbo.

Porsche is a past master at adding special models, limited-run editions and perfectly specced versions of normal cars to its range. The manual-transmission GT3 Touring Pack and 911 Carrera T are a case in point, proving to the ‘purist’ crowd that they are listening. These two 911s bookend the Carrera and GT3 range by providing a no-frills analog driving experience.

Now it is the turn of the Cayman, it has been hailed as a superb mid-engined sportscar, marred only by its gruff-sounding turbocharged flat-four engines. According to AutoExpress, a Cayman T model will now be made available to fit in between the 365 horsepower GTS and the 350 hp S models in both performance and pricing.

The Cayman T will retain the 2.5-liter turbocharged flat-four with a power output somewhere around the 360 hp mark. Love it or hate it, the turbo unit gives the 718 generation Cayman serious performance and the Cayman T will feature weight-saving features such as thinner glass, fabric door pulls and sports seats to shave 44 pounds off its overall curb weight.

No images have been released yet but the T should look much like the current Cayman S with a few design details borrowed from the GTS and upcoming GT4 models.

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As is the case with the Carrera T, a number of driver-focused extras will be made standard fitment. Some notable features will include a sports exhaust system, sport chrono pack and 20-inch wheels. As has become tradition with Porsche, the introduction of these sportier models signals the tail end of the current model’s production status.

The much-anticipated Cayman GT4 has also been spied testing (that one may well come with a naturally-aspirated motor) so we can expect an all-new Cayman and Boxster to arrive by 2020. No announcements have been made yet as to when the Cayman T will be coming to the US but the first few months of 2019 is our bet.