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We can't wait to build this one.

Building cars out of Lego bricks is a time-honored tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation and the activity has grown significantly over the years. Instead of merely stacking bricks to form the vague likeness of a car, automakers now employ Lego Master builders to build full-scale replicas of their vehicles out of bricks. Of course, most people don't have the space to build life-size replicas, which is why the Lego Technic series was created.

This offers a more complex building experience with specific parts that more closely resemble a real-life car. These sets are far more intricate and even feature working suspensions, transmissions, and differentials. And of course, a higher price tag. Lego has revealed some awesome Technic sets recent, like the Land Rover Defender and the Bugatti Chiron, but the toy company has just partnered with the most exciting supercar maker of all time. Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

Lego will launch a new 1:8 scale set in summer 2020. This will be the third set in the Lego Technic Ultimate series, following the success of the Chiron and Defender. Lego and Lamborghini have not announced which of the Italian automaker's creations will be immortalized in brick later this year, but we would personally vote for the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, a car that seems perfect for the Lego treatment.

"The Lego group has amazed entire generations with beautifully simple or extremely complex constructions. In the digital age, where entertainment is often via a screen, our collaboration with The Lego Group allows enthusiasts to live a real experience, reproducing a Lamborghini super sports car in every detail to create an outstanding model, just like the real car," said Katia Bassi, Automobili Lamborghini Chief Marketing and Communication Officer.

Lego Lego

"Following the success of the former Ultimate models, it was crucial for us to find a new partner with an iconic vehicle, an unmistakable design DNA and groundbreaking use of technology," Niels Henrik Horsted, Lego Technic Marketing Director added.

The Lego Technic Lamborghini model will be available in retail stores and the Lego Online Store on June 1, 2020, and more widely from August 1, 2020

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