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Get Ready: Jaguar Land Rover Wants Hybrids Too

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This is the wave of the future, folks.

Whether you like them or not, hybrid models are a part of nearly every automaker's lineup at the moment. Heck, even Ferrari's flagship hyper car, LaFerrari, is a hybrid. So if that supercar brand can get away with it, why can't another high-performance, premium brand do the same? Jaguar Land Rover doesn't currently have a single hybrid in its lineup, but that will change soon when it launches the Range Rover Hybrid and Range Rover Sport Hybrid next year.

Now a new report is claiming that JLR is speaking to other car makers with the goal of creating a new partnership in helping expand its hybrid lineup in an effort to meet upcoming EU C02 standards. Work has already started on developing next-gen hybrid and electric powertrain technologies, and JLR is also investing in a new research center that'll focus specifically on hybrids. Having a partnership with an automaker will help offset some of the high costs of this venture. Along with those aforementioned Land Rovers, expect to see hybrid and possibly even EV technology find its way to future Jaguars as well.

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