Get Ready To Be Blown Away By A Drift Car On A Dyno

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Holy crap this thing sounds like a beast.

There are fast cars and then there are extremely fast cars. Ryan Tuerck's pro-drift Scion FR-S in a league of its own with 850 hp. Tuerck uses the fully-built drift vehicle in the Formula Drift series where the coupe faces off against some stiff competition. While the car is not as insane as the Lamborghini Murcielago or Lexus LFA that we recently saw, it's still crazy. The FR-S' engine has been swapped out for a 2JZ that uses a Garrett GTX turbo running at 30 psi of boost. With other performance parts, the drift car makes an amazing amount of power.

Thanks to the vehicle's anti-lag system, it sounds like a proper race car that's right out of our childhood dreams. Get ready, because it's about to get really loud.

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