Get Ready To Celebrate Because The BMW M8 Has Finally Been Confirmed

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One thing to add: it will come at the expense of another M model.

The rumors go all the way back to 2012 or so, but today it’s finally been confirmed by BMW Blog that BMW has given the official greenlight for the M8. If all goes to plan, it’ll debut in 2019. Oh, and there’s more: It’ll include three different models, specifically a coupe, convertible and gran coupe. From what BMW Blog has learned, it’ll be the M8 coupe that’ll debut first in ’19, followed by the convertible and gran coupe a year later. Many of you may recall that BMW at one point did build an M8 based on the original 8 Series coupe.

It was a fully functioning prototype that, sadly, was never approved for production, a decision to be blamed on the bean-counters. While that M8 prototype was powered by a 5.0-liter V12 with 550 hp and paired to a six-speed manual, expect the reborn M8, which will replace the M6 lineup (the new 8 Series in general will replace the 6 Series) to come powered by a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8, like in the new M550i, with a total of around 600 hp. BMW Blog also believes the German automaker will opt for an eight-speed automatic instead of a dual-clutch for a couple of reasons: One, the dual-clutch setup isn’t ideal for all-wheel drive, which will definitely be optional, along with standard rear-wheel-drive.

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And second, the twin-turbo V8’s 516 lb-ft of torque is simply too much for the dual-clutch to handle. If there are no other production planning hiccups, the first M8 prototypes should be hitting the roads early next year or later sometime this year.