Get Ready To Drool Over The McLaren 675LT Spider

Because you can now build one.

For those extremely wealthy enthusiasts that missed out on the McLaren P1, the British automaker offers a variety of other supercars that are ridiculously powerful, extremely fast and good looking like the McLaren 675LT Spider. For those of us out there that can’t afford its $372,600 starting price tag, McLaren has just put a configurator up on the website where you can build your own 675LT Spider. The 666-horsepower 203-mph monster looks stunning in any color and is the lighter, more hardcore Spider version of the incredible 675LT.

While the 675LT looks incredible in any color, we decided to spec ours in McLaren Orange, with the ultra-lightweight forged 10-spoke wheels and carbon fiber bits on the exterior. As far as the interior, our 675LT is fitted with Alcantara and leather embossed interior with contrast McLaren Orange stitching. While we weren’t able to get a price for our dream build, we’re sure it’s more expensive than the original MSRP. Deciding on how to spec a 675LT is difficult, but is something that 500 extremely lucky enthusiasts will actually have to complete. Let us know how you’d spec the 675LT Spider below.

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