Get Ready to Fall in Love With the Porsche 912, the So-Called Black Sheep

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After many years the Porsche 912 is finally getting its due.

From the outside the Porsche 912 looks damn near identical to the classic 911. This is not a coincidence. The story goes that not long after the 911 went on sale in 1964, a group of potential buyers, mostly younger guys, complained about the 911's cost. They loved what they saw but it was just too much money. Porsche back then wasn't what it is today, so it thought it'd be a good idea to build a more affordable sports car; every sale counted. The result was the entry-level 912 that shared the 911's bodyshell and chassis.

Instead of the 911's flat-six, the flat-four from the 356 was used. The 912 initially outsold the 911. But Porsche opted to cease 912 production after 1969 in favor of the 914. For years old 912s were worth next to nothing, but today they're sort of having a comeback. Petrolicious recently caught up with Frenchman Julian Borne and his restored 1967 model.

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