Get This: Audi is Planning a Q7 e-tron

If the reports prove to be true, then we'll be seeing an Audi Q7 e-tron on the market in the very near future.

Audi is apparently not giving up on its e-tron technology just yet. While it may not appear in a new supercar, turns out Audi is looking to apply it to the current-gen Q7 SUV. According to CarAdvice, an Audi manager has confirmed that a Q7 e-tron model will be unveiled before the next-generation Q7 is launched, which will happen sometime in 2015. Previous e-tron concepts have been powered by either a rotary engine (A1 e-tron concept) or a small turbocharged gasoline engine (A3 e-tron) that was paired up with an electric motor.

So what exactly will power the Q7 e-tron? It’s still a mystery for now, but we’d put our money on some sort of turbo gas engine combined with that electric motor. What likely won’t happen is for an all-electric Q7. Remember, the R8 e-tron project was ditched mainly because the supercar market wasn’t ready for an EV supercar. If that was the case, then why would the SUV market be ready for a pure EV SUV? We also don’t know the plan regarding exact output, but the Q7 e-tron will probably be limited production and may not be available for all global markets.

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