Get Those F-Types Now Because 50% Of Jaguars Will Electrified By 2020


The end is near.

This year's LA Auto Show is shaping up to be an interesting one because the sheer number of spotlight-robbing hybrids and electrics is indicative of the rapid change that is taking place in the industry. BMW's stand had a handful of M vehicles, but the automaker was more concerned with showcasing its line of plug-in hybrids. Then Jaguar decided to drop a bomb by debuting the heavily impressive I-Pace. However, according to what JRL's CEO Ralf Speth told Autocar, the I-Pace is just the beginning of something much bigger.

According to the executive, Jaguar and Land Rover will roll out hybrids and electric vehicles at a rapid pace so that five years from now, half of its lineup will have electrified options. Speth went as far as to predict that by 2020, 40 percent of JLR sales would be made up of hybrid and electric cars. What this means of course is that Jaguar and Land Rover have to get to work building more electric cars and modifying their existing lineup to accommodate for hybrid drivetrains. Not too long ago we learned that Jaguar patented the monikers I-Pace, I-Type, and Velar. It's anyone's guess as to what the name Velar indicates, but the I-Type name indicates pretty clearly that we can expect an electrified version of the F-Type to hit show stands in the near future.

Hopefully it will bear the same kind of makeover that we saw on the I-Pace. One power source that Jaguar is completely neglecting is hydrogen fuel. Essentially, the automaker doesn't see a reason to invest in it when it can get the same benefit of passing CAFE regulations from batteries and electric motors. Connectivity is also paramount to JLR, a theme that is seen in its latest Land Rover Discovery with its activity key and special smartphone integration allowing for buyers to use their phones to check the vehicle's status and even lower the third row of seats. We can't wait until the I-Type is thrown into a race with Tesla's rumored refresh of the Roadster.


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