Get To Know The 1990s All Over Again With This $12K GEO Collection

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Remember GM's import-fighting Geo brand?

It was during the 1990s when American automakers were forced to battle Japanese imports that offered better reliability, build quality and value. GM eventually learned the hard way, but it did make an effort from 1989 until 1997 with its Geo brand. All Geo models were jointly developed with Japanese brands like Toyota, Suzuki and Isuzu (the latter two are long out of the US market). Geos were also subject to an infinite amount of jokes because the Geo Metro, for one, deserved it.

The Storm was anything but sporty, despite its exterior design. As for the Tracker 4x4? It may have just been the only decent Geo offering. But if you have that '90s spirit going on, a guy in Richmond, Virginia, will sell you his entire collection of Geos for $12,000 through Craigslist. The collection includes a 1996 Geo Tracker with 120,000 miles, complete with a five-speed manual and four-wheel-drive. The '93 Metro convertible has just 30k miles and the seller claims it gets 54 mpg. The '91 Storm GSi has a whopping 280,000 miles and, to its credit, does have a Lotus suspension. Lastly, a '96 Suzuki X-90 with 70k miles is tossed into the collection.

This one is also kind of cool because of its T-section removable roof. All of cars are claimed to be in good condition, despite the high mileage and years of use. Like its old tagline, it's time for someone new to "Get to Know" Geo all over again.

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