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This could change the way we shop for aftermarket parts.

To say that there had been a lot of pent-up excitement for the brand new 2021 Ford Bronco would be an understatement; fans have been yearning for its return ever since the last one left the market back in the 1990s.

Since the Bronco's official unveiling on July 13, much has been written about the handsome, highly customizable off-road SUV, and Ford has amassed hundreds of thousands of reservations through its online portal. But just in case all that isn't enough for you, here's something you can do to pass the time between now and the 2021 Bronco's US market release: customize your own Bronco SUV with a full selection of aftermarket off-road parts with Interactive Garage.

Interactive Garage

Interactive Garage essentially takes the factory OEM "Build & Price" tool experience and extends it to aftermarket parts manufacturers. It's still only a Demo for now, so things often load slowly, if at all, but as a proof of concept, it's very cool. You can use it to "try on" a full range of aftermarket parts designed for the 2021 Ford Bronco, from auxiliary lights, to running boards, to off-road bumpers, and beyond.

Seen here are a few of the builds we made using Interactive Garage during a quick break at the office.

Interactive Garage Interactive Garage

The tool isn't just for seeing how myriad different off-road parts might look on the Bronco, however; Interactive Garage actually generates a parts list for you, complete with manufacturer, part number, and price, so you can get an idea of what it will cost to make your build a reality. You have the option of printing or emailing your build to save your work, and you can even share it on Facebook, if you feel so inclined.

Given enough aftermarket support, something like Interactive Garage could completely change how aftermarket vehicle components are bought and sold, giving customers a single tool through which to preview and compare parts from the vast array of manufacturers out there.

And if it falls short of that, at the least, it's a great way to spend a ten-minute break during the workday.

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