Get Your Deposit Ready: This Is How Much The New BMW 5 Series Will Cost


BMW will be showing off its new 5 Series at the Detroit Show next month.

The hotly-anticipated new BMW 5 Series is nearly upon us. Set to go on sale in the US on February 11, the new sport sedan series will be making its debut at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. But how much will it set you back? BMW has now revealed the pricing for the range, and while there is an increase compared to last year, the new 5 series will be better equipped to compensate. The 2017 BMW 530i will be available for $52,195, the 530i xDrive for $54,495, the BMW 540i for $57,445 and the BMW 540i xDrive model for $59,745.

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Comparatively, that’s around $1,000 more than last year’s equivalent range, but you do now get adaptive LED headlights, sport seats, active protection, plus fatigue and focus alert along with 18-inch wheels as standard. Pricing hasn’t been revealed, however, for the electrified BMW 530e and 530e xDrive iPerformance models, which will follow later in the spring. The new 5 Series has been put on a diet using a combination of aluminum, magnesium and high-strength steel, resulting in a respectable weight loss of up to 137 Ibs. Performance has been ramped up too: the range-topping 540i’s twin-turbo 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine has been boosted with an extra 35 horsepower, bringing the total to 335 hp.

BMW’s new user interface will also make its debut in the 2017 5 Series with iDrive 6.0, complete with a swish 8.8-inch touchscreen with gesture control, a 3D viewer and improved voice recognition. BMW’s on-board entertainment system has certainly come a long way since iDrive was first introduced 15 years ago. The automaker is also embracing the future of autonomous technology, as the new 5 Series will be loaded with remote control parking and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.