Getting A Jeep Stuck In The Mud Cost This Man $48,000: What The Hell?!


For that money he could have bought two new Jeeps...

Getting your car towed sucks, no doubt about it. Having to pay to take a damaged car to the shop where you'll have to pay more to fix it just adds insult to injury. Of course things could be worse. You could be Joel Ramer, who was stuck with a $48,000 bill when he called to have his Jeep towed out of some mud it was stuck in. The incident happened in Walpole, Massachusetts, and the company that issued the bill is called Assured Collison. According to Assured Collision, the job took 12 hours and was fraught with peril.

Power lines were nearby, there was poison ivy-the entire scene was literally described as a "hazmat situation" by the owner of the tow company. Some of the items Ramer was billed for include $16,000 for an on-scene supervisor (at $1,250/hour) and $10,000 for the use of "an off-road recovery incident response unit." The Massachusetts Statewide Towing Association, which is somehow a real thing, said the bill was excessive. Ya think? It's not all bad for Ramer. His Jeep ended up totaled and he was arrested and cited for trespassing and disturbing the peace; he was off-roading on private property owned by a utility company. Oh, wait, it is all bad for this guy. Next time you cry about towing remember this guy.

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