Getting A License Just Got Easier With This Car That Teaches Kids To Drive

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Why wasn't this around when we were kids?

When you finally get your drivers' license, it opens you up to a new world of possibilities. However, the years leading up to getting your license can be some of the most agonizing if you are a young car enthusiast who just can't wait to get in the drivers' seat. A UK organization called Young Driver offers a program that's specifically designed to teach children ages 10 to 17 how to drive. Now the group has created a special car that could bring this age down to just five years old. Why wasn't this around when we were kids?

Young Driver's new car is called the Firefly. The tiny car has everything that you might expect to find on a normal car such as independent suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, hydraulic disc brakes, a reverse gear, LED headlights and taillights, and turning indicators. There is even a dashboard with a speedometer and a clock.

The car is powered by two electric motors mated to two 12-volt batteries. It also has two driving modes called Junior and Experienced. Junior limits the speed to five mph and uses sensors to stop the car from hitting anything. In Experienced mode, the Firefly can hit 10 mph and the sensors are shut off. There is even a passenger seat for an instructor. The company planned to rent the Firefly out for 20-minute in-house lessons for about $27. It also wants to sell the car to the public for $7,700. Young Driver claims that kids who take its current classes are half as likely to have an accident in their first six months of driving.

We absolutely love the idea of teaching kids how to drive early. If people learn how to drive at a young age, they may no longer make the mistakes that plague the road today. This thing really makes that electric Jeep Wrangler that you had as a kid look lame.

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