Getting A Two-Tone Look For Your Car Just Got Easier

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Even with the messed up supply chain.

Cars with color-contrasting roofs, specifically "floating" black roofs, are not a new phenomenon. This style has existed for decades, going in and out of fashion depending on the era. Two-tone roofs are in-vogue right now, and no vehicle encompasses this more than the Land Rover Range Rover. In fact, the recently-revealed 2022 Range Rover has over 1.6 million possible customization options, including a new bronze roof option. But not every Jaguar and Land Rover product has such extensive customizability.

A customer at Germain Jaguar Land Rover in Columbus, Ohio wanted to get a contrasting black roof for their white 2022 Jaguar F-Pace SVR. Jaguar doesn't currently offer this option due to manufacturing constrains on its paint lines, but the dealership found an alternative way to satisfy its customer.

Aero Sustainable Material Technology
Aero Sustainable Material Technology
Aero Sustainable Material Technology

Germain Jaguar got in touch with a Columbus-based company called Aero Sustainable Material Technology that specializes in unique film coating for motor vehicles such as cars, boats, and airplanes. Aero's film-based system can be stretched and easily applied at room temperature without an assembly line, making it perfect for applications such as a contrast roof. The finished product (pictured above) looks closer to a factory finish than any wrap we've ever seen.

"Aero made it possible for us to provide additional value to our customer, which is good for our dealership and for Jaguar" says Austin Germain, General Manager of Germain Jaguar Land Rover. "Our customer selected a gloss black roof, which provided a unique contrast against the factory white finish of their Jaguar."

This is not the first time Aero helped improve the style of a JLR product. The company previously worked on the Land Rover Defender, helping to develop the optional satin-matte exterior finish, contrast roof, and hood.

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Not only is Aero's technology flexible to install, but it's also eco-friendlier than traditional paint. "Painting a car, masking, bagging, painting again for contrast roof, then de-masking, de-bagging, and then clear coating is a zero-profit game for luxury brands who use traditional paint" says Aero CEO Jim McGuire. "With Aero, that capability is drastically reduced, without any environmental impact. The ease of application means that luxury OEMs can even push this capability to the dealer and increase their posture as aspirational brands."

"The ability to customize without compromising on quality or sustainability is the pinnacle of luxury, which for us - a luxury automotive dealer - is a massive competitive differentiator," Germain adds.

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