Getting Towed Sucks, But This Definitely Isn’t How You Handle It

We’re sure repo men everywhere have seen this happen.

The cliche movie moment is the scene where the character that everyone hates gets their car towed away leaving them stranded and humiliated. Of course, they resist by trying anything possible to get their car back, and it ends up causing a scene and making things worse. Well of course the exact same thing happened in real life, and even more predictably in this Internet age, someone was there to record it for the world to see. Watch as this persistent woman clings to her car as the driver tows it away.

Clearly, she should have reacted more calmly to the situation. It’s unclear whether the driver notices or if the woman got her car back, but we can’t help but think she should have taken advantage of the driver stopping to pull a jack move on her own car.

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