Getting Your Aventador T-Boned Is The Worst Way To Start The Day


Or continue it, or end it, etc...

You might be having a bad day, but chances are your circumstances don't suck as much as the owner of this Lamborghini Aventador's. The owner had parked on the street in Auckland, New Zealand, and was in a meeting when his ride was t-boned by an elderly man driving a Mercedes-Benz. A crowd naturally gathered as the driver of the Merc stepped out to survey the damage. He was greeted by the owner of the Aventador who was surprisingly calm about the incident.

The Lambo owner, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke to the New Zealand Herald about the accident. "[The Mercedes-Benz driver] was an elderly guy, I can't sit there and yell at him, if it was your dad how would you feel? I mean it's a mistake, he didn't crash it and then run away, he was okay about it, he stayed around. He had a pretty nice car too." Wow, talk about taking the high road. Unfortunately being an adult doesn't magically fix crashed cars. The Lambo owner was quoted as saying his car will be out of commission for months while parts are ordered and installed. That's a big bummer but at least his Aventador can be fixed. We've seen others that haven't been so lucky… Photo credit: Luke Appleby; hat tip to Rob G!

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