Getting Your Car Stolen Can Actually Turn Out To Be Pimping

Not to mention a clam bake.

Becky Schoenig is one of the lucky few who actually got their stolen car returned. Yes, in one piece and not, well, several. Schoenig lives in Missouri and is the owner of a new 2015 Ford Fusion, which was stolen right from her own driveway last Monday night. And it was returned on Wednesday – all pimped out. Thanks to a photo posting of the stolen car on Facebook, a biker dude named Mick Sexton recognized the Fusion because, well, it looked suspicious. The police were called and the thieves were caught.

But it’s what they did to the car in just a couple of days that makes this story pretty hilarious. To summarize: they pimped it out. The thieves also used the Fusion for a clam bake in order to, you know, give it a refreshing scent.

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