Gevena 2011: VW Italdesign Tex Concept

Italdesign's newest project consists of none other than a four-seat, front-wheel drive VW that's been fitted with the Tex program. The Tex is being called the perfect fit into a longstanding tradition of Volkswagen brand sports cars. The vehicle itself is quite compact and low, and at first glance the Tex looks like a sports car with a perfect command of the road, thanks to its large 19-inch wheels and generous wheels arches.

The exterior sports a slender grille that encloses the light clusters in unique trapezoidal shapes, with the VW badge sitting in the center of the grille and is optically underscored by the V-shaped groove of the hood. Inside, the interior of the Tex was designed with maximum space and maximum ergonomics in mind. The Tex is also fitted with the Twin Drive hybrid plug-in system developed exclusively by VW, and it couples a 1.4-liter turbo internal combustion engine with a battery-powered 85 kW peak electrical system.

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