Natural Disaster

Geyser Erupts in Parking Lot

What do you do when hot water jets out from underneath your parking lot? If you live in Smolensk, you just carry on as normal.

There are lots of things you might begrudgingly expect when parking in a public lot. Your car could get scratched, the mirrors knocked off, shopping carts scratching up your paintwork… but a geyser erupting underneath your car? That’s a new one. At least it would be for us, but that’s precisely what has happened in this parking lot in Russia. The same country that has brought us video footage of meteors and fighter-jets buzzing highways and countless roadside brawls now brings us this bizarre clip.

Taken in Smolensk, the video shows a cloud of steam initially emerging from underground in the parking lot, but soon develops into a hundred-meter plume of hot water, taking with it bricks and rocks straight up in the air. What’s most surprising is that the motorists don’t seem the least bit fazed.

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