Ghibli, Quattroporte and GranTurismo to Receive 560HP V8

Same engine will also power the upcoming Levante SUV.

Following the unveiling of the five-year plan for Fiat-Chrysler,new details are emerging regarding the future of the corporation’s various brands.Beyond the ever-exciting news of Chrysler minivans and Fiat crossovers,the announcement also included details regarding Maserati’s future. Besides its approval of the beautiful Alfieri, we were excited to learn that thecompany will be powering-up its existing and future models with a 560horsepower V8 engine.

The engine will be fitted to the company’s Ghibli andQuattroporte sedans, as well as to the upcoming Levante SUV. All three modelswill receive all-wheel drive platforms. Maserati will also mate the same engineto a rear-wheel drive platform, this time in the Granturismo. With the newengine, the Ghibli should be set to take on competition from BMW and Mercedes’M and AMG offerings.

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