Ghibli Rendered in MC, Wagon Styles

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Theo Chin dreams up what the new Maserati Ghibli would look like in MC Stradale and wagon versions.

Some automakers introduce a new model, and that's pretty much that. But others roll out an endless stream of model variants. Take Maserati, for example, which has introduced numerous versions of both the GranTurismo and the previous Quattroporte. So you can expect it to do the same with the new Ghibli as well, which is already being offered with numerous powertrain options. Here, noted rendering artist Theophilus Chin has depicted what two spin-offs of the new Ghibli could look like.

On the one hand, we have a potential Ghibli MC Stradale, wearing bigger wheels, an upgraded aero package and further ventilation for a more performance-oriented take on the model that could challenge the BMW M5. On the other we have a potential Ghibli wagon, with a longer roof to accommodate more luggage. Although there have been similar coachbuilt conversions of the previous Quattroporte, and the Levante crossover on its way, wagons are fairly unfamiliar territory for Maserati. But that could be just the ticket for the model's success in Europe.

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