Gibbs Amphibians Goes All Aqua with their New Amphitrucks

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Need to do a different kind of off-roading? Gibbs might just have the ideal vehicle to meet your Navy SEAL ambition needs.

While these may not be the most conventional or cost efficient modes of transport, they certainly are cool - and you don't even need to be a member of the Navy SEALS to have a chance to get behind the wheel. Designed and engineered for multiple transport tasks such as a first responder and even military applications, the Phibian and Humdinga High Speed Amphitrucks feature Gibbs' proprietary High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology.

This incorporates many technological breakthroughs in suspension, water propulsion and wheel-retraction design. Constructed entirely of carbon fiber, the Phibian is a multi-mode, multi-mission, high-speed amphibian that offers off-road capability on land as well. When it makes the transition from land to water, the wheels retract a la DeLorean Time Machine style and its dual propulsion provides water performance that's equal to that of purpose-built patrol and rescue boats. All told, the transition from land to water takes less than 10 seconds. The 30-foot-long Phibian is also capable of highway speeds on land and can go in excess of 30 mph on water.

The Humdinga, in contrast, is the smaller of the two and has been specifically designed to deal with remote and difficult terrain. It has the same transformational and performance abilities as the Phibian. The Phibian is powered by a twin turbo, 500hp diesel engines for land and twin jet drives for the water. All told, it can carry up to 15 people. The Humdinga has a seven passenger capacity and measures in at 21.5-feet-long, comes equipped with a supercharged V8 with an output of 350hp. No official pricing was released, but for anyone other than the Coast Guard, we're not sure if there's a big civilian market for these. But yes, they certainly are cool.

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