Ginetta Founders Coming Back with Dare Sportscar

Walkett family coming back with mid-engined sportscar to take on the Lotus Elise.

The British motor industry is riddled with small manufacturers that build obscure sports cars bearing names like Ascari, Bristol, Marcos and Noble. Somewhere on that list sits Ginetta, a company known in certain circles for its lightweight sports and racing cars. The company was originally founded by the Walkett brothers way back in 1958. The Walketts sold Ginetta in 2005, but now they're coming back with a new design of their own.

The new sportscar will reportedly be called the Dare, and pack a 2.0-liter Ford Ecoboost turbo four with 250 horsepower mounted right in the middle. Weight is targeted to stay low at around 750 kg, as is the price tag pegged at £30,000 - putting it in the same league as the Lotus Elise, or more poignantly, the Ginetta G40. Look for the new Dare sportscar to debut sometime next year.

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