Girl's Pink Lamborghini Dream Comes True

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This is one of the greatest acts of kindness ever.

Emilia is a young girl who is sadly very ill. But she also loves Lamborghinis, specifically pink ones. Her greatest wish is to ride in one. And thanks to Rays of Sunshine and Top Gear host Richard Hammond, Emilia got her wish. A white Aventador was repainted pink specifically (and temporarily) for the occasion in which Hammond drove to young Emilia's home to pick her up. The two went on a little cruise around town before heading to an airfield for a little high-speed action.

Hammond took the Aventador to an airstrip where he hit the gas and put a much-needed smile on the sick child's face. The good people at HR Owen did their part by painting the Lambo pink specifically for the occasion. Emilia was delighted to learn it was the only pink Aventador in the world, and it was all for her to enjoy. She even had a pink racing suit to wear for the day. Afterwards, Emilia's mother thanked Rays of Sunshine and everyone else involved for making the day happen. "It's not until something awful happens that you get to find out how kind people can be," she gratefully stated.

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