Girl Somehow Gets to Austin Powers 3-Pt-Turn Territory

Looks like someone got off easy on the parking portion of the driving exam.

Trying to park or exit from a tiny parking lot can be a very frustrating experience if the lot is full. It requires a certain skill and patience level especially when it's at a time of day that is active and people are either anxious to come or go. The ability to quickly pull of a three point turn comes in handy at times like those. Then there are times when so few cars are sitting in a lot that pulling out and exiting even a minuscule space seems as natural as walking. Apparently it's more natural for some than for the woman in this video.

Believe it or not she takes a staggering 4 minutes to exist the premises. We know what your thinking: "How?" You'll have to see for yourself how she gets to an Austin Powers 3-Pt-Turn situation. Sure is funny though.

Of course, not as funny as AP doing it.

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