Girl Vs Girl: An Epic Drag Race You Need Want To Watch Right Now

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Two girls. A C7 Z06 and a CTS-V. At the strip.

Meet Jessica and Shelby, two women who love cars and horsepower. Especially horsepower. Guess what they do next? You figured right: a drag race. Now, we're typically accustomed to seeing guys behind the wheel of cars with supercharged V8s under the hood. But times are changing and many women clearly love horsepower and driving fast just as much as the guys. So what do Jessica and Shelby drive, specifically? They're anything but so-called "girly cars."

Jessica is behind the wheel of a new Corvette Z06 while Shelby drives the previous generation Cadillac CTS-V, albeit with a little tuning and other performance modifications. And get this: it's Jessica's first time at the strip. Who will win this awesome supercharged GM performance matchup?

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