Girlfriend Unimpressed with Gift of New C7 Stingray

Describing this girl’s reaction to receiving a brand-new murdered-out Corvette Stingray as unenthusiastic would be a colossal understatement.

After stalking the car since rumors of a new Vette surfaced, the Texan dude in this video decided he would order the C7 Stingray as a gift for his girlfriend. Several months went by before his order finally arrived at Peters Chevrolet in Longview, TX, having been murdered out and specified with the 3LT and Z51 packages as well as the performance exhaust and magnetic ride suspension. The supercar looks stunning and it must have taken every ounce of effort not to keep it all for himself.

Nonetheless, he drove the Vette to his lady friend’s place of work and asks her to come out. Bear in mind she has no idea the Corvette has even been produced, let alone delivered, and the reaction is about as underwhelming as if he had turned up with a turd wrapped in a brown paper bag.

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