Glickenhaus Building 1,400-HP LeMans Racer For The Road

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There are 24 slots at $2.3 million a piece.

If you haven't heard of Glickenhaus and its mental 007 racer, where have you been? A track-only missile, the 007 is destined for the LeMans hypercar class. However, in order to be eligible for that series, roadgoing versions of the car must be made. Toyota is building one such street-legal monster, and Aston Martin has the Valkyrie. It's obvious then that Glickenhaus must follow suit, but details on such a vehicle have not been forthcoming. This week, some of those details have emerged, with the company calling this a "once in a lifetime chance" to own a car with direct links to a LeMans racer.

19Bozzy92/YouTube 19Bozzy92/YouTube

Of course, not everything would be carried over from the race car, but Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus says that the 007S would be a three-occupant vehicle with a central driving position, much like the McLaren Speedtail, Gordon Murray's T.50, and the car that first set the trend, the iconic McLaren F1.

Like the race car, the road going version is expected to have at least 1,400 horsepower at its disposal and will weigh just 2,800 pounds. That's half a horsepower per pound of weight that the car has to carry around, so acceleration will be insane and handling should be phenomenal too. Other racy stuff is also expected to be included.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

The new offering will boast adjustable suspension that can be fiddled with at the track, as well as built-in pneumatic jacks so that you can swap tires and make other tweaks as quickly and efficiently as possible. SCG says that, if it goes ahead, the car would be legal for sale in America and could probably be made to suit other markets too.

However, at this point, SCG needs to fill all 24 build slots to okay the plan. At a cost of $2.3 million per car, that's a lot of money that SCG needs to extract from customers. However, with a promise that the deposit will be refunded if the required orders aren't met, there's no real risk to showing your interest. Time to empty that piggy bank.

19Bozzy92/YouTube 19Bozzy92/YouTube
Source Credits: Motor1

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