Global Volkswagen Tiguan And Touran Recall Due To Fire Risk

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This extensive recall may also affect your Tiguan so better get it checked out

Recalls are a regular occurrence in the motor industry, some can be rather minor in nature while others could lead to catastrophic failures if not rectified. VWs latest recall is not the largest, that honor belongs to the 1980 Ford transmission issue recall where 21 million models were affected, but at 700,000 affected units worldwide it does qualify as a fairly extensive one.

According to German publication KFZ-Betrieb, the vehicles affected are 2018 Tiguan and Touran models equipped with a panoramic roof and ambient lighting. The recall states that the LED strip installed is not insulated properly and humidity can cause a short circuit in the system, or in rare instances cause the unit to catch on fire. New generation models produced up to July 5 are affected.

A total of 45,457 vehicles are affected in the US and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a recall notice for this issue on July 13. The recall began on the 25th later that month, with owners of 2018 Tiguans (The Touran is not sold here) instructed to contact their VW dealer to disconnect the power supply to the panoramic sunroof LED until a future service action can safely reactivate the feature.

There is not a wholly satisfying resolution, but you can't blame VW for being overly cautious, the last thing it wants is potentially flammable family cars causing yet another scandal.


There are six further recalls that affect the 2018 model year Tiguans. Ranging from airbag issues to improperly torqued engine support bolts and poorly welded rear shocks, you may want to book your car in just in case.

Don't get too smug if you don't have a Tiguan though, there are plenty other vehicles that have had even more recalls, among them the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, GMC Sierra, Dodge Durango and BMW 3 Series. Perhaps it's a good idea for us all to have a quick look at that NHTSA recall site.


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