Glow In The Dark Rims Are One Of The Coolest Things In The World


Our gearhead lives are forever changed.

So we've seen lots of glow in the dark stuff in our day. Heck, we've even seen an Aston Martin DBS kitted out with special glowing paint, and a Nissan Leaf with a similar luminescent paint scheme. Nonetheless, whenever we see something involving glow in the dark paint combined with car stuff we are drawn towards it like a moth to the flame. These revolutionary rims by Romanian artist Raul Neret are no exception. When we saw them our eyes went wide, our jaws dropped, and we were instantly glued to our computer screens.

These things are just so damn cool. Apparently, these rims react to any source of light and glow in the dark for up to ten hours. Props to this guy for blowing our minds and forever changing how we look at rims. Check it out.

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