Cadillac And Chevrolet Coming To Europe With Exclusive EV Lineup

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If the company wants to conquer Tesla, it can't continue ignoring Europe.

General Motors has made some ambitious claims about its growth over the next couple of years. Last month, the company said it expected to overtake Tesla as soon as 2025. That would require models like Chevrolet's Blazer EV and Equinox EV to sell in considerable numbers when they go on sale. But GM's plan for domination in the EV space goes beyond the borders of North America. In May, GM said that it wanted to expand its presence in the key European market with Cadillac. Now, we have confirmation that GM will return to Europe with full force with a range of competitive full-electric vehicles.

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A patchy history of badge-engineered vehicles and haphazard product portfolios may have hindered GM in the past, but its plan for Europe will be much clearer. "There is no 'if' about this," said president and managing director of GM Europe, Mahmoud Samara, according to the UK's Car Magazine. "We have made a clear commitment that we are going to substantially contribute to the industry's transformation."

Samara went on to say that Europe is "one of the fastest growing EV markets in the world" and that "the transition of [GM's] business model and the transition to an environment for EVs in Europe is a match made in heaven."

The Ultium platform, which underpins the Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer EV, has the scalability and flexibility to accommodate different battery pack sizes that will allow GM to sell EVs to suit the European market. GM will target all budgets, so it may bring small EVs to that region that won't be sold in the USA. For example, the tiny Honda E sold in Europe isn't sold in North America, so GM could look at a rival to that. The Chevy Blazer EV could also see success in other markets like Europe.

Currently, GM has a small and scattered presence in Europe. Cadillac only sells the XT4 crossover there, and Chevy sells nothing but the Corvette C8. GM would also have kept an eye on Stellantis, which overtook Tesla for European EV sales in the first half of 2021. If Stellantis can pull off that feat, GM will feel it can do the same.

Source Credits: Car Magazine

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