GM Already Wants to Rebadge Chevy Trax as GMC

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Well, that didn't take long. The Trax isn't even in dealerships yet.

Without Chevrolet, it would be theoretically impossible for GMC to exist. The formula for GMC is very simple: Take any Chevy truck, SUV, or crossover, give it manlier styling, add some luxury but not quite to Cadillac's level, and raise the sticker prices by several thousand dollars. It's proven time and again to be very profitable. That's why GMC was saved during the dark days of GM's bankruptcy. And now we're hearing that the Chevrolet Trax, which will only begin arriving in US dealerships this month, is also likely to be given the GMC treatment.


"I think that is certainly possible," stated the Trax's chief engineer, Al Manzor, when asked about the likelihood of it happening. But hang on; hasn't GM already rebadged the Trax? Or rather, isn't the Trax a rebadged Buick Encore/Opel Mokka? Yep. And it somehow makes sense to rebadge this small crossover yet again, this time as a GMC? Wouldn't that interfere with Encore sales? Remember, Buick-GMC showrooms are housed under one roof. Picture the Encore and a potential GMC version competing against one another for the same type of buyer. This is a likely scenario and we're a bit puzzled as to why GM thinks it's a smart idea.

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