GM and Ford Are Both Working to Convert Pickup Trucks into EVs

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But it won't be easy, technologically speaking.

The writing is on the wall in more ways than ever. Despite a recent drop in gas prices, automakers are still concerned about the future of internal combustion. Turbocharging, hybrids, etc. are currently the preferred options to increase fuel economy while retaining sufficient power. But emissions regulations are only going to get tighter and the public will demand even greater efficiency because gas prices will surely rise again. And for automakers like General Motors and Ford, full-size pickup trucks are big business.

So big in fact that neither company can afford to not build them. To keep both the Silverado/Sierra twins and F-150 around for years to come, a new report is claiming that GM and Ford are currently looking at ways to convert pickups (and other gasoline vehicles) into EVs. At this point, both companies are only holding informal brainstorming sessions on how to develop a proper electrification strategy by working with some outside consultants. In other words, EV pickups are in their earliest stages and both automakers also wouldn't mind for the US Department of Energy to subsidize some of the expected high engineering costs that will be involved. Until now, only Bob Lutz's Via Motors has done any real EV truck work.

The number of plug-in hybrids and EVs on the road in the US is still fairly small when compared to gas powered vehicles, but analysts are predicting that green vehicles will increase in popularity. GM and Ford are also taking a wait and see approach as to how the EV recharging infrastructure takes root. It may take some time, but a full-size, mainstream EV pickup could be a very real thing.

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