Will Ferrell Wants To Remake Stranger Things With Silverado EV Pickup

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The concept is to make EVs famous and educate people.

As part of the General Motors (GM) "Everybody In" campaign, the automaker has partnered with Netflix to "increase the presence of EVs in Netflix-produced shows and films."

To highlight the partnership and both companies' commitment to a more sustainable future, it has released two videos to let the world know, both featuring Will Ferrell. The first is called "Why not an EV?" and the second is "Let's Give EVs More Screen Time."

The partnership will also air the videos as Super Bowl commercials on Feb 12 as Will Ferrell enters the world of Netflix shows and films, including Army of the Dead and Squid Game.

General Motors/YouTube
General Motors/YouTube
General Motors/YouTube
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As a result of the partnership, expect to see product placement and "storytelling that incorporates the experiences of driving and owning an EV," starting with Love is Blind, Queer Eye, and Unstable. The shows will feature the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, GMC Hummer EV, and Cadillac Lyriq.

"Entertainment has a huge impact on culture. We want to make EVs famous on streaming, small and silver screens to build an EV culture through storytelling that incorporates the experiences of driving and owning an EV," said GM Global Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl. "Netflix is a great partner because of the company's compelling storytelling, commitment to sustainability, and track record of sparking conversations that shape cultural trends. We are united in creating a better, more sustainable future for our world as we bring everybody in on EVs."

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From Netflix's side of the deal, it will be "educating creators, helping them to better understand how EVs can complement and enhance their stories."

Cynically speaking, it's perfect product placement and propaganda. In reality, it's a deft move from GM to insert its vehicles into popular culture and show how EVs can fit into people's lifestyles. Other automakers must be facepalming at missing the opportunity.

However, we have our reservations. In reality shows like Queer Eye, it makes sense. However, in fictional shows or movies, clunky product placement pulls viewers out of the moment. Fiction relies on viewers suspending belief, which requires a deft hand not to ruin the experience.

Luckily, GM and Netflix have solved the issue with some self-deprecating humor about product placement, so we might not cringe as much as expected.

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2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Sideward Vision
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