GM Appoints Safety Czar; You're Now Less Likely to Die

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It's full-on damage control these days.

New GM is currently having to deal with Old GM's carelessness and stupidity. A total of 31 crashes and up to 13 fatalities have occurred due to faulty ignition switches found in old models such as the Chevy Cobalt and HHR, Pontiac G5 and Solstice, and Saturn Ion. These cars date back to 2003, but GM was aware even then that the ignition could be switched to the "off" position while the car was driving. Instead of a recall, GM only sent a service bulletin to dealers.

But that was the "old GM" (read: pre-bankruptcy). Today's "new GM" and its newly appointed CEO, Mary Barra, are working to set things straight. Along with publicly apologizing and having a fierce resolve to insure this doesn't happen again, Barra has also announced the newly created position of Vice President of Global Vehicle Safety. A longtime GM exec, Jeff Boyer, has been given the job of overseeing GM's global vehicle safety systems, safety performance, and post-sale safety activities, including recalls. In the meantime, Barra is gearing up to testify before a US Congressional committee and explain how GM allowed this colossal screw up in the first place.

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