GM Attempts To Please Saturn And Pontiac Owners

In the wake of shutting down Pontiac and Saturn when it filed for bankruptcy back in 2009. GM has been trying hard to get some of those lost brands' owners into their dealerships for their next purchase. According to a report from J.D. Power and Associates, GM was able to retain 26 percent of Saturn owners, 36 percent of Pontiac owners and 39 percent of Hummer owners. GM lost the owners to their Japanese rivals such as Nissan, Honda and Toyota.

In an effort to retain their clients, GM has worked extremely hard to please them by bringing them to local select dealerships and constantly offering new promotions. They are even offering one-year free maintenance and sent invitations to come and drive new GM trucks and cars. GM also offered those owners a $1,000 rebate to all current GM cars in an attempt to keep their loyalty. In 2007 alone there were a total of 650,000 Pontiac's, Saturn's and Hummer's sold, but there are a total of three million vehicles from those brands still out there in the US. Simply put, GM has a lot of customers to lose.

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