GM CEO May Have Accidentally Confirmed The Electric Corvette e-Ray

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What a cruel joke to play just after the epic ZR1 launched.

Woah there. Please pull back on the reigns of progress because the rate of it is accelerating too rapidly. The term "accelerating too rapidly" may not be a bad thing for a horsepower enthusiast, but it becomes that way when it entails stripping the V8 from an American muscle car and swapping it for batteries. Yep, you heard that right. That is if Automobile Magazine heard it right, because according to the news source that's exactly what General Motors CEO Mary Barra alluded to at the Barclay's Global Automotive Conference.

We've heard rumors of an electric Corvette, dubbed the e-Ray, as far back as 2015 when GM trademarked the name and left the world to wonder if it was planning an electric Vette or a juiced-up Cadillac sports car that would redeem the badge after the horrors it went through with the ELR. While outlining General Motors' plans to bring at least 20 new electric vehicles to market by 2023, Barra made mention of an "expressive luxury low-roof" vehicle among other EV options that seem more practical for families, workers, and commuters. As part of GM's charge to get consumers weened off of fuel and onto electricity, such a car could lead the pack as the flagship, sort of how the Tesla Roaster set the stage for the Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

Unlike Tesla, General Motors has little issue with churning out mass amounts of cars. The problem it does face-as disparities between Tesla's and GM's stock price show even though GM is much larger, actually profitable, and has a long history behind it-is getting both consumers and investors excited about its electric products in the same way they are about Tesla's. It's anyone's guess as to which brand GM would launch its "expressive luxury low-roof" electric car under, especially given that the auto giant is bringing electric drivetrains to all of its brands. Our only ray of information lies with that conspicuous e-ray patent, which sounds Corvette-like given the connotations the sports car shares with the word "Stingray."


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