GM Design Boss: Lincoln is Not a Cadillac Competitor

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And likely never will be again.

It's taken nearly a decade of hard work to fix the mess, but Cadillac is finally back on track. Gone are the days of lame models like the Catera, a rebadged Opel, and the Seville, which was never a true Mercedes or BMW fighter. With models like the CTS and the new ATS, Cadillac now has the confidence to expand on the world stage with its edgy styling, performance, and overall refinement that's on par with the very best from Europe and Japan. So what about domestic competition?

The only brand possible here is Lincoln, and GM's global design chief, Ed Welburn, isn't concerned about that cross town rival. In fact, Welburn doesn't even see Lincoln as a competitor at all. In a recent interview at the LA Auto Show, Welburn refused to comment on Lincoln's current design language, but did outright say Lincoln is not a Cadillac competitor. More realistically, it's Lincoln and Buick who should be duking it out. In fact, Cadillac has more vehicles in development today "than at any other time in the history of the brand." By comparison, Lincoln is just trying to figure how to be relevant.

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