GM Design Reveals Sports Cars Of The Future

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Let them come to life.

General Motors is no stranger to the world of sports cars, with Chevrolet consistently delivering the goods with cars such as the C8 Corvette and legendary Camaro. While we've seen some serious design flaws from the Corvette in recent months, that hasn't stopped fans from praising the brand with their own takes on what modern Chevy cars could look like. Three designs on the General Motors Design Instagram account have piqued our interest, and show just how wild and wonderful the cars of the future could look like.

Instagram/General Motors Design

The first car on show is a wedge-shaped beast designed by Konnor Bartels. This roadster shares its looks with the current C8 Corvette, but there are slight hints of contemporary Lamborghini thrown in for good measure. The side profile also pays tribute to the current car. This design is obviously in the early stages of development, so massively oversized wheels and fenders are acceptable, and the overall look beautifully blends the current Vette design with an exotic European flavor. We dig it.

The second design comes courtesy of digital designer Namwoo, and unfortunately, we only get a shot of the front of the vehicle, but that's enough to make a big impression.

Instagram/General Motors Design

The wraparound windshield and grille-less front-end lead us to believe that this could possibly be some sort of EV sports car design. The slippery body shape, void of any sort of panel gaps it's perfectly futuristic.

The third and final car is presented to us by Jingxu Zhan, and once again shows off a very slippery design with absolutely huge wheels and flared wheel arches. The tail end in the top picture reminds one of an old school Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe, while the pic at the bottom more closely resembles the butt of a Lexus LFA. These designs might be wildly exaggerated, but they do give us a glimmer of hope.

Instagram/General Motors Design Instagram/General Motors Design Instagram/General Motors Design
Source Credits: General Motors Design

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