GM Designer Sketches New Luxury Cadillac Electric Crossover

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The unnamed crossover could slot in underneath the Lyriq.

Cadillac is going all-in on EVs, starting with the Lyriq in a high-volume segment. The next EV to arrive is the ultra-luxurious, hand-built Celestiq, rumored to cost around $300,000. Thanks to trademark filings discovered by CarBuzz, we also know what trims the Celestiq will be available in and the names of upcoming EV products.

This week GM's design team posted a new image on its Instagram feed. GM calls it a "CUV theme sketch," and the artist behind it is Jason Chen.

The caption reads "high contrast, high impact," and it's exactly what the design does. There are various contrasting design elements to explore and enjoy.

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We'll start with the design element that grabbed our attention first. The side profile has strong concave and convex lines playing off of each other. There are also smooth round surfaces that contrast with the sharp, jagged edges at the front and rear of the vehicle, not to mention the contrast between the tall body and the narrow windows. The contrasting colors within the wheels are also stunning.

The shape of the car is also familiar. Earlier this year, we discovered patent images for Cadillac's upcoming ICE compact crossover. You'll note several design similarities if you look at the images side-by-side.

Lateral View Cadillac

It's clear that Cadillac's EV designs will influence the rest of the range, ICE vehicles included. The previously mentioned ICE crossover is not meant for the USA, as Cadillac announced that no new ICE vehicles would join its range in the future. From here on out, it's all EVs.

That doesn't mean Caddy can't enjoy ICE while it's still available. Let's not forget the Lyriq and the Escalade-V were introduced in the same year.

Based on GM's future plans, the next Caddy EV will likely be launched in a high-volume segment and will use Chevrolet as a launching pad to compete here.

Once Chevrolets like the Equinox and Blazer have completed their mission, we can expect to see models like the GMC Granite and this unnamed Caddy follow in their footsteps.

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