GM Halt Production and Delivery of 2012 Camaro ZL1


GM has stopped production and shipments of the new top-of-the-line Camaro ZL1 for a reported software programming issue.

GM Inside News has released a letter sent to Chevy dealers explaining that "all Camaro ZL1 models produced to date are currently being held by General Motors for a quality assessment. At this moment, the duration of the hold is undetermined, and may last a few more weeks." No specific reason for the production halt has been released. GM spokesman for Chervolet, Monte Doran said: "We go through a standard quality assessment with every new vehicle and we found what we thought was a potential concern.

"Until we've adjusted it, we won't send any cars out to customers." Interestingly, Motor Authority have reported that an Ashen Grey Metallic Camaro ZL1 was inadvertently shipped to Henna Chevrolet in Austin Texas and then on to a customer. According to the new-car sales manager, the dealership requested the car to be retuned due to a possible software issue. For a time, the Camaro ZL1 was roped off at the Henna Chevrolet showroom, pictures of which were posted on Camaro enthusiast site Camaro5, until it was shipped back to the factory.

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GM made no official comment regarding the issue in the ZL1, although the sales manager acknowledged that GM had previously specified the vehicle had a potential software programming issue. So it seems that anyone with an order for a ZL1 will have to exercise patience, as it could be a while before they get to enjoy their 580hp muscle car.