GM Has Plans To Satisfy Insane Demand For Mid-Size Pickups

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In other news, Ford and Ram execs continue kicking themselves.

We've been following the drama in the mid-size American pickup market pretty closely. The action centers on the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon, both of which have been sales hits. Ford doesn't offer a mid-size pickup, although it looks like that will soon change. According to a report from Automotive News (AN), GM is planning to up its mid-size truck production to meet consumer demand. It will do this by outsourcing some of its commercial van production to AM General.


The Indiana-based AM General offers manufacturing facilities to automakers who need to free up space on production lines. GM is specifically looking to kick a few cutaway vans out of its Wentzville, Missouri, factory. These vans are built incomplete and are then finished later by buyers (think ambulances). Automotive News cites a note sent out to Wentzville plant workers in its report. GM declined to comment on the AN report, but if the note is real then it makes things pretty damn clear with regard to the plant's future. It reads in part: "The truck and van continue strong sales. This potential partnership would free up production capacity and allow the organization to capitalize on our ability to build midsize trucks to further satisfy customer demand."


Okay, no real way of misleading that. This news shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Businesses of all types look for ways to up supply in times of insane demand. If anything it should piss off Ford and Ram, both of which have to watch GM gobble up sales while they sit on the sidelines.

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