GM Is Already Working On The Next Big Thing In Headlights

Although lasers do still sound cool.

We've been seeing a lot of attention being paid to headlights recently, with some high-end brands already evolving past LEDs and incorporating lasers. But for the past two years, GM has been developing a different way to improve headlights. These are headlights which will change direction in order to follow your eyes and illuminate what you're looking at. It sounds like it might be a little unnerving, or at least take some getting used to, but GM has thought of this.

Although a camera will read the driver's face and determine which direction their eyes are pointed about 50 times a second, the headlights will have a slight delay in their reaction, so that the light is jerking around every which way as the driver scans the area in front of them. And when the driver isn't looking at the road, the lights will simply point straight ahead normally. The system will also make adjustments based on speed, steering input and whether you are driving in an urban or rural area. The system is mainly being worked on by Opel, and we don't have a date for it yet. But we're very curious how it could possibly work.

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