GM Is Recalling Cop Cars Because They Put Police Lives In Danger

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At least they voluntarily issued a recall unlike with the ignition problem.

Making good cars is evidently a hard thing to do. Volkswagen lost a big chunk of cash when it became clear that magical engineering wasn't what got its dirty diesels to pass emissions, Ferraris seem to love dramatic fiery deaths as much as the next protesting Vietnamese Buddhist monk, and one out of seven cars on American roads has a faulty Takata airbag. Now it seems that not even the cops can escape from a recall for a crucial pursuit component.

Faulty power steering is why GM has just announced that it is recalling over 6,280 Chevrolet Caprice Police Pursuit cars. Apparently the wiring for the electronic power steering is susceptible to corrosion from heavy use. Since police cars are some of the most heavily used cars on the roads, this is a danger because the power steering system can go out without warning and change the dynamics of the car. This is potentially lethal since police cars tend to spend more time speeding than your average road car. After being punished for faulty ignition systems, which also caused power steering to go out, there is no way GM would want to leave this matter unfixed, especially not when it puts the lives of police officers in danger.

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