GM Is Tired Of Car Thieves

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And so is everyone else.

Nobody likes car thieves, even automakers. While they go to great lengths to develop and install anti-theft features, cars are still getting stolen at fairly high rates. And GM in particular isn't happy about it. For example, its Cadillac Escalade regularly sits at the top of the most stolen car list every year. GM's other full-size SUVs, the Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban and GMC Yukon are also common theft victims. So now GM has announced that it's offering a new level of security to deter thieves.

Specifically designed for those aforementioned SUVs, new standard features for 2015 will include a steering column lock that can deter push-away and tow-away theft, beefed-up door lock cylinders and shields, and even side-cut keys that'll help prevent lock picking. There's also a hidden compartment behind the infotainment screen and newly bolted-down third-row seats that will make their theft impossible. In addition there will be an optional Theft Protection Package that adds motion sensors to the interior, glass breakage sensors, and an inclination/tilt sensor. An alarm will sound if any of these sensors are triggered.

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